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Freedom (R)




Freedom - June 1999 Trevor Inkpen

Hybrid Tea, Deep Yellow

Flowers: Double, Long Lasting, Large, 30 Petals, Moderately Fragrant
Bright yellow
Flowering Habit:
Blooming Season: Repeat

Height: 3.5 feet x , Habit: Bushy
Foliage: Shiny Medium sized Medium Gr.

Cultivation: Vigorous, Good for Bedding, Good for Cutting
Strengths: Disease Resistant
Hardiness: In general, Hybrid Tea roses are hardy to Zone 6 with winter protection, some are more tender and a few are hardy as far as Zone 4 with protection.

N. IrelandHybridizer: P Dickson - Introducer: DIC- Dickson 1984
Parentage: (Eurorose x Typhoon) x Bright Smile

ARS Colour: dy Deep Yellow ARS Rating: 5.9
Awards: RNRS Gold Medal(s)

Also known as: DICjem

Averages of Responses from visitors:

Garden Rating Average:
- / 10
Fragrance Rating Average: - / 3
Cut Flower Rating Average: - / 10
Exhibition Rating Average: - / 10


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