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Rose Info:

For an excellent overview of pests and diseases of the rose, see Baldo Villegas' Bugs and Roses

Kansas State Extension

American Rose Society

Mark Huss (Northeastern US) Rose Pests and Spraying

For information on beneficial insects,

The Bug Lady

Cornell University - Biological Controls

Keep in mind that the type of insect pests will vary widely with location. Your best source of information for your specific area is your local Rose Club or Society, and your local University or Agricultural Extension office.

Also rember: a healthy rose can shake off all but the worst disease and pest infestations. A stressed rose, on the other hand, is a disease magnet. Attend to the basics - make sure your roses have good, biologically active soil with adequate levels of humus, minerals and nutrients, that they are watered deeply as frequently as the weather dictates, and that they have been situated and pruned appropriately for the rose variety and to promote good air flow through the bush. Rose Database with variety & growing information on over 7,500 breeds of roses, flower photos, and gardeners' reviews.

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