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Rose Resource and URL

Floris’s Roses - Floris Wijers

Fuller Gardens Rose Gardens

Fellows Riverside Gardens

Failure - article on breeding new roses commercially

Fighting disease: Choosing a spray program - Seattle Rose Society

Father Georg Schoener, Rose breeder

Gardens and Arboreta of Iowa

GardenWeb Rose Forums

George Mander - Roses of Excellence
George Mander bred roses only. Limited quantities, no printed catalog.

Gardens West Magazine Online Magazine

Garden Guides Online Magazine

Garden Net Links Site

Garden Town Chat Forums

Garden Web Online Magazine

Gardenworld UK

Gardener’s Net


Gardenersworld at BBC

Growing Roses Organically

Gärtnern in Deutschland
Public Gardens in Germany

Horticulture Centre of the Pacific

Home and Garden A-Z Links Site

Harry P. Leu Gardens

Henry Kuska Homepage

HORTUS: A Gardening Journal

Horticulture Magazine

High Desert Rose Garden - Lee Sherman

Heritage Roses Group

Hodges Gardens

Hendes Majestæt Dronning Ingrids Herbarium

Helga und Klaus Urban - Rosenhomepage

I Can Garden Website
Canadian gardening online magazine

Illinois Cooperative Extension / Horticultural Solutions

Iowa State Entomology Image Gallery
Identify insects

Insect Pests of Roses - University of Minnesota

International Rose Test Garden
AARS Test Garden. No admission

Internet Directory For Botany, University of Helsinki

iJardin (French)

Idaho Rose Society

Joyce Dillon’s Collection of Roses

Just Roses

Jeremy Buckley’s Roses

Just Rose Pictures - Susan and Regina
Beautiful rose photos from Auckland, New Zealand and Reno, Nevada

Jardin Botanique de Montreal Botanical Garden
10,000 rose bushes

Joanna's Roses

Ken's Rose Garden - Ken'ichi Imanishi

Lougheed Hybrid Roses

Least Toxic Rose Care

Longmont Memorial Rose Garden - Roosevelt Park
AARS Trial Garden 1,400 varieties

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